What is a Brisbane Granny Flat?

A Typical Granny FlatA Brisbane granny flat is an extension to your house where you can further rent it to make extra cash. It is built on the same plot as the main house, and is self-contained with all required essentials that can accommodate someone living in it.

In most cases, a granny flat is located at the rear end of the house and it shares the backyard with the main house, or it can have its own fenced backyard.

Granny flats are fast becoming popular mainly because it has the functionality to have your elderly grandparent rather than taking him/her to an elderly home. The aim of the granny flat is to allow your grandparent(s) have their own independence while still keeping in touch with the family.

However, this isn’t the only use of a granny flat. Its popularity is attributed to the fact that there are Granny flats for rent adelaide that are rented to other people for extra cash. It is a great investment. And if you aren’t into renting an extension of your house to strangers, then a granny flat can be perfect for children trying to move out for the first time.

Granny-Flat-Lavender-NightA granny flat is also perfect for holiday seasons where you can have families coming from a different town, where you can accommodate them. To have a granny flat, you’ll have to get consent from the local council, who will dictate the maximum size to build.

However, if you are planning to build an “in-home” granny house (one that is attached to the main house), then I don’t think you’ll need the consent. It is still important to check with them though. Some of the state requirements for a granny flat include a bedroom, a living area, a bathroom, and a laundry (either separate or within bathroom), and a kitchenette.

The best thing about granny flat kits is their flexibility in terms of design. You have unlimited options on how you can design it the way you want. You can pick whichever colors, materials and finishes.